You've somehow made your way to Trust - a Kagome, Inuyasha and Kikyou shrine. The relationship that the three of them share, the pain of the past and the dreams of the future intrigues me. It's almost impossible to discern one relationship from the other and so I finally decided to make room on this site to cover all aspects of both romances.

This is also how I believe Rumiko Takahashi wanted the story to be viewed. Inuyasha is not a story focused solely on the relationship of Inuyasha and Kagome, nor is it Kagome bashing and Inuyasha to Kikyou. It is a tragedy, a romance and a horror story with the three of them as the main characters - and so I've chosen not to choose a blind eye in my work toward Kikyou, whom it is the undeniable truth that Inuyasha was very much in love with as he had mixed emotions about.