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Bonjour mes amies, welcome to Trois Mal — a website dedicated to the ramblings of Krystal, Rachel and Hal. If your screen is unable to handle the awesomeness that is this site that is too bad since this page is pretty much only for us anyway. So we don't care. Since we make fun of everything else, if you complain about it and cry we'll just make fun of you too. That being said, our fanfiction journal is here.


This is the story of a girl, a girl known as eajou (Krystal), who fandom certain things way too much. One day she and her deranged friend to the right decided to read a bad fanfiction out loud, where the following commentary that is this website was born.

Adoring One Piece and Fairy Tail the most, it is in crack everything for all her fandoms where her contributions truely lay. She is probably best known for her Sailor Moon satire.

At the ripe old age of 27, you'd think that she'd have more sense and maturity - but obviously not. She is a huge dork and has been designing webpages and fandoming Inuyasha and Fushigi Yuugi since the age of twelve/thirteen-ish.

Her oldest and most popular website is Trust, with GS as a second. She loves Reincarnation and Pedigree the most. Krystal is also a retired gamer and martial artist, and is a wannabe yogi and java & web developer. She likes not being the oldest for once.


It all began on a day horror, dated the twentieth of March, when this girl was brought into the world.
She was called Rachel. People should have been frightened because of the amount of geekiness that would come from this girl. Evidence of this is found amongst her bloggings as piratemirage.

23 years old and a college student, she spends her free time procrastinating on her assignments by reading all sorts of books or starting new shows she doesn't need to watch. She gets very easily distracted and moves from one obsession to the next.

She loves pirates, zombies, swords, plays Dungeons and Dragons, reads nonstop, loves watching and buying moves, loves The Pricess Bridge, watches cheesy things just to laugh, laughs late at jokes or will laugh a few days later when she thinks of it again, and loves sarcasm. She enjoys reading One Piece, Sailor Moon, and Genbu Kaiden. She is a fan of John Green's, Rick Riordan's, and Michael Crichton's works, obviously showing the range of different genres that she likes.


With an eclectic taste in music and a less-than-eclectic sense of personal fashion, Hal, a.k.a. bleu, is the alleged oldest of this trio. She appears to have stopped physically aging somewhere in her teenage years and her official age is, "How old do I look?" If you could still pass for an 18 or 19 year old: you're still 18 or 19 years old, just slightly more mature.

Writing and web development are her hobbies, music is her passion she doesn't have a calling for, and she has an extreme love for taking it easy and stopping to smell the flowers, much to the dismay of her companions. She firmly believes life should come with a soundtrack and will pester you with mood-fitting music if you're not careful. Her sense of humour varies from unique to downright inappropriate, and she's fairly nonchalant about that.

Enjoys reading One Piece, Bleach, and works by Rick Riordan and Gail Carriger, as well as Victorian-era British literature. The Legend of Korra has the privelage of being her favourite show. She can almost always be found listening to something by Ellie Goulding, Florence + the Machine, or Kerli; interrupted occasionally if her player is on shuffle.


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